freegoallist.com is a place where you can write them down your goals, post them, and then tell the stories once they've been accomplished. This is where you keep track of them. You can set an email reminder to remind you to accomplish them.

Freegoallist.com is the place you can write down, track, and achieve your life goals.

List are ranked by popularity to who many want to reach each goal.

You can also see how others have achieved their goals to motivate you.

Writing your list inspires you to accomplish what you have written.

It’s made it easy to share the most popular goals and completed accomplishments.

We have created a social network, a place to put your stories, and a way to find others who think like you do.

We have created a way to find other goals you might find interesting that you want to accomplish.


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To start your own goal list, first create an account on freegoallist.com

To add an item to your goal list, click the "Add Goal" link in your main menu. This will add the goals to your personal page where you can edit them. After completing your goal, you can add helps and comments on how you did it or you can post a story describing how you completed your goal. We love it when people add photos describing how they did their thing.

Your goal list lets you "follow" people and their lists, and provides weekly email summaries of the goals added -- or completed by -- the people you follow.

You can add an avatar picture, a goal picture, and a picture in every goal entry.

Avatar: Log in, go to My Account page and below you will see the button (Avatar) to browse pictures. Select one and click in the Update Avatar button.

Goal picture: Go to My Goals page, search for your goal and click in the 'Picture' link. Same procedure.

Goal entry picture: Go to My Goal page, search for your goal and click in the 'Entries' link. If you are creating a new entry, write the entry, click the Browse button and select your picture. Finally, click the Add button.
If you want to update the picture of an existent entry, Go to My Goal page, search for your goal and click in the 'Entries' link. Below you will see the Edit Goal Entries form.
Select the entry, press the Edit button and you will go to a page where you'll be able to insert a picture or to update the existent one.

Have a Twitter account

You can post a link to your item before or after the goal is completed by clicking the "Tweet This" button.

Anyone can read anything posted to goal list. We believe the web is at its best when it's a public space. If you feel your goals should be private, keep them in a file on your desktop, or do it on Facebook.

Can I add goals I've already accomplished? Is that bragging? Maybe you should brag or maybe you should just add your story and attach it to some else’s goal to help them. You get to choose.

Want to print a copy of your goal list to hang on the fridge? Look for the "Print" button at the bottom of your "My List" page.


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